What to Bring to a Tax Appointment


The Starting Point:

    • Last year’s tax return (if not prepared by our office)
    • Social Security numbers and birthdates for children and other dependents
    • Driver’s License or State Issued Photo ID

    Income Documents:

    • All W-2s from employers
    • Any statements for miscellaneous income from odd jobs, contracts, etc.
    • All interest statements from banks (Form 1099-INT)
    • Dividend statements from investment companies (Form 1099-DIV)
    • Statements of any unemployment insurance received (Form 1099-G)
    • Statements of your last year’s state tax refund if you received one
    • Any Schedule K-1 received from a partnership, an estate, or S-corporation
    • Gambling winnings/losses
    • Alimony amounts received/paid
    • Social Security statements
    • Transaction statements for stocks/bonds you sold during the year (Form 1099-B)
      • The purchase price and date of purchase for any stocks you sold during the year
    • Information about any other income you received during the year

    Business Records- If you operate a small business or rental properties:

    • A copy of last year’s business return (if not prepared by our office)
    • An income and expenses  (profit & loss) statement with all expenses categorized
    • A list of all business assets including cost and date purchased
    • A written record of miles driven for business
    • Business-use percentage for assets also used for personal purposes, i.e. 75% for business
    • Subcontractor names, addresses, SSN and amounts paid
    • Amount paid for health insurance premiums
    • If you have an office in your home
      • Square-footage of your home and square-footage of your office
      • Amounts paid for home utilities, insurance, repairs, and improvements
      • Purchase date and cost of your home


    • Mortgage interest statement (Form 1098)
    • Real estate taxes paid
    • Mortgage points paid on a new home, paid by the seller, or on a refinance
    • The amount you paid for state taxes last year (if you owed state taxes last year)
    • Irrigation tax if you do not have access to the water
    • Amount of interest paid on student loans
    • Record of contributions to any IRA, college savings plan, or Health Savings Account
    • Moving expenses if the move was job-related and more than 50 miles
    • Expenses for classroom supplies (for teachers only)
    • Alimony paid
    • Medical expenses – insurance, physicians, hospitals, prescriptions, co-pays, eye exams/glasses
      • Home improvements done for medical reasons
      • Mileage driven for medical appointments
      • Nursing home expenses where medical treatment is main reason for living at that home
    • Cash contributions to churches and qualified nonprofit organizations
      • A list, with the fair market value, of items donated to nonprofit organizations
      • Mileage driven for charitable purposes, i.e. driving for church camp
    • Job related expenses you were not reimbursed for, such as travel, supplies, education, tools, uniforms, dues, etc.
      • Job hunting expenses such as resumes, travel, phone charges, and employment agency fees.
    • Expenses for safe deposit boxes, IRA management fees, investment advice, investment-related publications, and education

    Other Items:

    • Closing papers for real estate you bought, sold, or refinanced during the year
    • Name, address, and Tax Identification Number (EIN or SSN) for child care providers along with amount paid
    • Amounts paid for college tuition for yourself or your dependents


    Date of Appointment: __________   Time: ________   Accountant:  ___________________


    Example 1.  Business Income & Expenses Summary

    Sales $ 65,000
    Materials Purchased $ 22,000
    Contractors Paid 600
    Storage 25
    Equipment Fuel 125
    Cell Phone 1,200
    Total Expenses $ 23,840
    Net Profit $ 41,160


    Example 2.  Business Assets

    Item Date Purchased Cost Business Use %
    Computer 1/5/06 $ 2,200 33%
    Software 1/6/06 $ 12,450 100%

    Example 3.  Mileage Log

    Starting Odometer: 26,520
    Date Destination Miles Purpose
    1/5/06 Office Store 6 Office Supplies
    1/5/06 Thompson’s Res.- Kuna 44 Site Survey
    1/8/06 Blueprints R Us 15 Pick-up Documents-Markos
    1/12/06 Wilson, Harris & Co 12 Payroll Reports